Gas Processing Capacity Expansion Continues, Led by the US and Middle East

Global gas processing capacity is projected to increase almost 516 bcfd by 2019, driven by a full slate of projects in the Middle East and North America. The increasing domestic demand and opportunities for exports are driving gas processing construction plans in these regions which combined account for more than half of the planned global capacity growth and capital expenditure through the end of 2019.

Our latest report Global Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Gas Processing provides annualised data for planned capacity additions and capital expenditure on proposed terminals from 2015 with forecasts to 2019 by key countries and companies across the world.

Also includes:

  • Up to date gas processing capacity data by major regions in the world and forecasts of planned capacity additions by 2019
  • Annual breakdown of capital expenditure spending on proposed processing terminals for 2015 to 2019
  • Planned capital expenditure on new gas processing terminals by region, key countries and companies
  • Details of major planned processing terminals in the world up to 2019

Are you aware of who is planning one of the largest gas processing facilities in the world?

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