Healthcare: Biobanking Industry

Biobanks are an essential part of the infrastructure underpinning life sciences and biotechnology. They consist of service providers and repositories of the living cells, the genomes of the organism and information relating to heredity and the functions of biological systems. Diseases are being increasingly studied at a fundamental level, to comprehend the involvement of genes and their role in disease genesis. This growing interest in understanding the involvement of genes in diseases and collecting human biological materials for storage and analysis has led to the development of biobanks. The importance of biobanks lies in determining the most effective way to store that information and make it available when required.

CBR Pharma’s latest report “Biobanking: Developing Smart, Sustainable and Ethically Compliant Biorepositories for the Future” discusses fundamental concepts in biobanking and recent technology advancements in the field. The report also describes ethical and regulatory concerns in biobanking as well as the economic challenges and opportunities surrounding this industry.

Single User Price: $2,995 – pages: 118

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