China, Japan and the US – the largest consumers of Solar PV Modules in 2015

Global annual installations increased considerably to 48.67 GW in 2015, due to a rise of installations in China, Japan, the US and India. China became the largest consumer of solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules in 2015 – overtaking Japan and the US. Annual installations in China grew from 500 Megawatts (MW) in 2010, to 18.43 GW in 2015, while Japan and the US held the second and third largest annual installations, with around 10 GW and 6.2 GW respectively. China held around 30% of the world’s crystalline silicon (c-Si) installed capacity share, followed by Japan with a 25% share, while in the thin-film market the US contributed to about 40% of the world’s installed capacity, followed by Japan with a 31% share. Annual additions grew moderately in the US and Japan, while they fell sharply in Italy and Germany.

GlobalData’s latest report “Solar PV Module Market, Update 2015 – Market Size, Average Price, Market Share and Key Country Analysis to 2020”  provides detailed information on the current solar PV module market, focusing on key countries as well as the global scenario. The report analyses annual module installation trends, module production volume and capacity, module production share, average module price and market size for global and key countries.

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How are Pharma Companies keeping up to the Dynamics in the Global Market Access Landscape?

Evolving Market Access Strategies – Pricing and Reimbursement Landscape in Major Developed Pharmaceutical Markets

As the overall costs of drugs continue to increase and pricing pressures shift the dynamics of the healthcare market, pharmaceutical companies must analyze real-world trends in different treatment spaces, and assess existing and expected levels of competition, in order to gain optimal market access. This kind of analysis, known as Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR) is an important element of market access which encompasses aspects such as real-world data, quality of life, budget impact, and cost-effectiveness, along with clinical efficiency. Traditionally, once a drug was registered in a country, it was automatically reimbursed and available for an eligible population of patients. Today, however, regulatory approval does not guarantee market access, as the cost-effectiveness of any given drug must be thoroughly demonstrated before it receives coverage in a health system. HEOR offers some solutions to this aspect of drug development and marketing, as it helps to collect the evidence that demonstrates the impact of new therapies on healthcare budgets, which in turn will help to price products optimally.

CBR Pharma’s latest report Evolving Market Access Strategies – Pricing and Reimbursement Landscape in Major Developed Pharmaceutical Markets provides analysis of the key elements of pharmaceutical market access, such as Health Economics and Outcome Research (HEOR) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA), as well as pricing and reimbursement strategies for pharmaceutical products. It includes information on market policies in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Japan, along with a number of relevant case studies.

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China and US to drive Propylene Industry Expansion

Global Propylene capacity will experience considerable growth in the next five years, increasing from 101.3 mmtpa in 2014 to 127.1 mmtpa in 2019. Around 53 planned projects are slated to come online in the next five years, driven primarily by China, US and Iran. Among companies, CNOOC Limited, Petroliam Nasional Berhad and C3 Petrochemicals LLC are the top three players by capacity additions – globally, and are expected to come onstream by 2019.

GlobalData’s latest report Global Propylene Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook provides information and insight on historic and forecast global propylene capacity by region. The report includes details on capacity share of the major propylene producers in the world. It also provides details on global propylene capacity by feedstock.

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Auto-Immune Diseases – Pipeline Development, 2015

Auto-Immune Diseases – Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2015

Auto-Immune Diseases devices are expected to be one of the fastest growing segments in the medical devices industry. Get up-to-date information about clinical trials in progress, which includes trial phase, trial status, trial start and end dates, and, the number of trials for the key Auto-Immune Diseases pipeline products. Find out the how big this market is and who are the major players involved in the pipeline product development.

GlobalData’s latest Auto-Immune Diseases – Medical Devices Pipeline Assessment, 2015 report provides comprehensive information on the pipeline products with comparative analysis of the products at various stages of development. The report reviews major players involved in the pipeline product development.

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China, the US and Germany were the Top Three Wind Power Markets in 2015

Wind Turbine Market, Update 2015

China held the largest market share of the total global wind power markets, in terms of annual additions and was the global leader in both the manufacture and deployment of wind turbines in 2015. It had an annual installed capacity of 23.0 GW, amounting to 39.7% of the total global annual capacity additions, and was followed by the US and Germany. Brazil, India, Canada and the UK also installed significant amounts of wind power, with more than 1 GW each. The major business strategies, adopted by the global manufacturers, for long-term market sustainability include investments in research and development to expand existing product portfolios to meet changing market needs; capacity expansions; and setting up manufacturing units across regions to cater to local demand.

GlobalData’s latest Wind Turbine Market, Update 2015 – Market Size, Average Price, Market Share and Key Country Analysis to 2020 report gives detailed information on the current wind turbine market, focusing on key regions and countries, as well as covering the global scenario. The report analyzes the annual market size, average turbine price, average turbine size and market share of the wind turbine manufacturers for the 12 key countries in the market.

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Global Renewable Energy Recap 2015

China led the world for annual capacity additions in solar, biopower, small hydropower and onshore wind in 2015, although the National Development and Reform Commission confirmed reductions in the cut to China’s onshore wind feed-in tariffs, for projects approved after January 1, 2015 or commissioned after January 1, 2016. China consolidated its position as the leading installer of solar power capacity in 2015, as part of a bid to increase renewable technologies and drive down greenhouse gas emissions. While the major markets of Europe and North America have historically had the best renewables track record, and will continue to expand renewable capacity, developing markets such as China have shown commitment to increasing their installed renewable capacity, driven by an increasing global emphasis on policies tackling climate change.

GlobalData’s latest report Global Renewable Energy Recap 2015 report provides a recap of the global renewable energy sector in 2015. It covers country rankings for renewable technologies such as wind, solar, small hydro, geothermal, ocean and biopower based on annual capacity additions, new investments, renewable energy policy updates installation outlook, major deals and projects in the renewable energy sector and expected trends in the near future.

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MediPoint: Endoscopy – Global Analysis and Market Forecasts

The global endoscopy market will rise to just under $9.7 billion by 2021, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.9%. The use of minimally invasive endoscopy techniques for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes will increase in proportion with the rising prevalence of diseases worldwide. Endoscopy offers the possibility of accurate visualization of the current state of patients with a variety of diseases, which consequently improves the treatment process. Early disease diagnosis is the key to reducing healthcare expenses; endoscopy techniques play a vital role in treating patients in the most cost-effective manner. The most promising areas of growth are colonoscopy, gastroscopy, cystoscopy, bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy, and endoscopy visualization systems, where there has been significant focus in terms of pipeline development.

GlobalData’s MediPoint: Endoscopy – Global Analysis and Market Forecasts report provides analysis of the endoscopy space across the 10 major markets of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, Brazil, China and India, including annualized market data from 2014 and forecast until 2021.

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AMID Press Release 020514 Energy

Press Release

February 6, 2016 USA – Asia Market Info & Dev Co
( announced today to publish market studies on
China’s energy industry. The publications are intended to help international
marketers to push their product sales and market development in the fast-growing
Chinese markets.
Asia Market Information & Development Co. is the largest source for up-to-date
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Today, China has the largest energy market in the world. The Chinese energy industry
is one of the fastest-growing sectors in China, growing at double digit rate each year.
Tremendous fast-growing markets for imports and business opportunities for the
energy companies around the world. Are you ready to sell in the world largest market?
Our special reports on China energy can provide the insight into the industry.
Below is a list of our recently-published market reports on the Chinese energy markets:

  • Title: Energy, Price (in US$): 4000$, Publish date: 2/1/2016, Report#951, No of Pages:274
  • Title: Alternative Energy, Price (in US$): 4000$, Publish date: 2/1/2016, Report#952, No of Pages:274
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  • Title: Fossil Fuel, Price (in US$): 4000$, Publish date: 2/1/2016, Report#956, No of Pages:230

Acrylonitrile Industry Outlook in China to 2019

China Acrylonitrile plant capacity is expected to increase from 1.698 MMTPA in 2014 to 2.938 MMTPA in 2019, at a CAGR of 11.6%. Private companies dominate the Acrylonitrile sector in China. The major companies in the region are China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China Wanda Group, BP p.l.c. and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. Together these companies accounted for 93.3% of the Acrylonitrile capacity in China in 2014.

GlobalData’s Acrylonitrile Industry Outlook in China to 2019 – Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants report provides up to date in-depth information on China’s Acrylonitrile industry. The report presents major market trends. The report covers China’s Acrylonitrile plants and presents installed capacity by production process and technology.

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H2 Global Length and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Oil and Gas Pipelines

Proposed projects across North America and Europe would push the global pipeline industry to register growth of 15% by 2019. The two regions account for half of the planned global pipeline length additions and about 63% of the capital expenditure. India, Canada, and Iran also have significant proposals for new pipelines in place. Among companies, Gazprom is the leading company with the most pipeline length planned 21,572 km and capital expenditure US$78 billion followed by China National Petroleum Corporation with 17,677 km and US$14 billion in capital expenditure. The largest planned pipeline projects in the world are Iran–Iraq–Syria–Lebanon in Iraq by US$10 billion with 6,000 km in length, followed by West–East Gas III in China by US$20 billion with 5,220 km.

GlobalData’s H2 Global Length and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Oil and Gas Pipelines – US and Russia Lead Global Pipeline Expansion in Bid to Capture Markets report provides an annual breakdown of capital expenditure spending on planned (new build) pipelines by major regions in the world for the period 2015 to 2019. It includes up to date major, trunk oil and gas pipelines length data by major regions in the world, forecast of planned pipeline length additions up to 2019.

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