India’s Medical Devices Market will hit $17.6 Billion by 2020

The medical devices space in India will see impressive expansion, rising from $10.4 billion in 2014 to reach $17.6 billion by 2020, representing a robust compound annual growth rate of 9.4%. Although this market will not see the same level of growth as the pharmaceutical sector, it will still undergo significant changes, driven by mounting patient awareness of advancements in medical technology, and an aging population. India’s medical device market is one of the fastest-growing, thanks to the country’s strong economic growth, improving living standards and large population.

GlobalData’s CountryFocus: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape – India report provides analysis of the medical devices markets in India, identifying key trends in the country’s healthcare space, and providing insights into its demographic, regulatory, and reimbursement landscape and healthcare infrastructure. It also discusses the trends and segmentation of India’s pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, with annualized market data from 2014 and forecast to 2020.

Published: Jan’16 – Single user price: $1,999

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