Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Pipeline Holds Significant Potential for Patients and Investors

The Parkinson’s disease pipeline presents a distinctly different and promising landscape from the current market, which relies heavily on the use of symptomatic treatment in the form of neuromodulators. The pipeline is highly active, consisting of 365 programs across all stages of development, and a diverse range of molecular targets. It is also characterized by a high level of innovation compared to the CNS and the industry as a whole, with 43% of all pipeline programs with disclosed molecular targets being first-in-class. While neuromodulators remain dominant in the pipeline, there is a prominent presence of α-synuclein inhibitors, neurotrophic factors and stress-related targets, which address different pathogenic mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.

GBI Research’s Frontier Pharma: Parkinson’s Disease – Identifying and Commercializing First-in-Class Innovation report provides analysis of the Parkinson’s disease treatment pipeline, stratified by stage of development, molecule type and molecular target. It includes information on the current clinical and commercial landscape, and the composition of the Parkinson’s disease therapeutics market in terms of dominant molecule types and targets, as well as highlighting current unmet needs.

Single User Price: $6,995

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