Telehealth: Global Market Trends, Regulatory Landscape and Operational Strategies

The global adoption of telehealth technologies will potentially allow governments to make substantial savings on healthcare, while delivering important medical services to both rural and under-served communities. The telehealth market is being driven by the accelerated development of mobile technology and applications, a greater need for cost-effective healthcare, rising populations, and increased government funding. The Insurance Journal estimates that it could potentially deliver over $6 billion a year in healthcare savings in the US if the technology is widely adopted.
Telehealth could achieve substantial savings for a number of reasons, including the reduction of re-admissions linked to chronic conditions through mobile health monitoring technologies, a decrease in unnecessary use of emergency appointments through remote visits with nurses, and a lower amount of wasted capacity through telemedicine-based appointments.There is a wealth of opportunities to be exploited in the market. If telehealth providers are to realize these opportunities, they will have to develop compelling commercial models that seamlessly place their services within a wider system of integrated healthcare. Currently, the telemedicine and mobile health segments of the market are the ones to focus on, as they are some of the most promising and fast-growing across the board.

CBR Pharma’s latest report Telehealth: Global Market Trends, Regulatory Landscape and Operational Strategies report provides analysis of the global telehealth regulatory and market landscape, as well as its main applications in healthcare and associated sectors. It includes information on regulations and guidelines in key geographies including the US, Europe, Japan, China, India and South Africa, along with global market drivers and restraints.

Key questions answered:
• What impact will telehealth technologies have on healthcare systems, patients and related sectors?
• What strategies are healthcare providers considering when implementing new telehealth programs?
• How does the telehealth regulatory and market landscape compare in the developed markets of the US, Europe and Japan, compared with that of emerging economies like India, China and South Africa?
• What technological, macroeconomic and industry factors are driving or restraining the telehealth market?
• What are the most important factors to consider when designing and implementing a new telehealth program?
• What are the most pertinent considerations for all telehealth programs?
• What telehealth devices represent the biggest commercial opportunities and what are their key features?

Report Information
Price: $2,995 (Single User License)
Published: Mar – 2016
Report Format: electronic pdf

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