Global FPSO Industry

Key Highlights

  • A total of 65 FPSOs are expected to commence operations by the year 2020. However the start of the several planned FPSOs is estimated to be delayed due to declining upstream capital expenditure.
  • In the global FPSO industry, South America will have the highest planned FPSO additions by 2020 (19 FPSOs), followed by Africa and Europe with 13 and 12 FPSOs respectively.
  • Among countries Brazil will have the highest planned deployment of FPSOs, both at the global level as well as in South America. The country is expected to deploy 18 FPSOs by 2020 when compared to 17 FPSOs in the last quarter.
  • UK, Angola and Nigeria will be the other leading countries in the world for the planned deployment of FPSOs.
  • Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. will drive the FPSO industry in Brazil with planned deployment of 19 FPSOs by 2020.
  • Among companies, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell, Bumi Armada and Teekay will be the other leading FPSO operators in the world.
  • In Africa, Angola, Nigeria and Ghana will drive the FPSO industry. The three countries are expected to deploy six, four and two FPSOs respectively by 2020.
  • In Europe, FPSOs will be primarily deployed in offshore projects in the North Sea and Barents Sea. UK will lead the region with planned deployment of eight FPSOs by 2020.
  • In the remaining regions such as Asia and North America, seven and three FPSOs are expected to start operations by 2020. In the Middle East and Oceania, two FPSOs are expected to start operations in each of the regions.

GlobalData’s latest report Q1 2016 Global FPSO Industry Outlook – Decline in Capital Expenditure Spending Continues to Delay Planned FPSO Deployments provides an in-depth overview on the global FPSO industry. It provides data of FPSOs that were brought online from 2010 to 2015 by key regions in the world, with forecasts up to 2020, by key countries and operators. It also includes details of major planned FPSOs in the world up to 2020 with recent developments, tenders and contracts by key regions, where available.

Single user price: $1,500

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