Latest Factors Driving Change in Global Supply Chains

Globalization and trade liberalization have paved the way from a more open and truly international society, one in which free-trade is encouraged, as it allows organizations to operate and setup supply chains outside of their home countries. This is evident from regional analysis, which indicates that the majority of organizations with business operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World have a supply chain presence in more than five countries.

FMCG organizations are increasing their supply chain presence and improving flexibility and responsiveness to drive global expansion


Managing this global supply chain, however, does not come without difficulties, with high transportation costs, long transit times, and frequent delays obstacles that organizations face on a frequent basis. Manufacturers have sought to address these factors by implementing strategies that will help make them more efficient, such as developing stronger ties with their clients and suppliers, and addressing issues as and when they arise.

Canadean’s Global Executives Survey: Latest Factors Driving Change in Global Supply Chains Survey examines executives’ opinion on key actions used for analyzing the credibility of foreign suppliers, country wise supply chain presence, and major challenges for supply chain. Organizations can analyze the impact of trade agreements and economic unions on a company’s performance, and assess the major advantages and disadvantages of free-trade agreements for organizations. Additionally, it examines the significance of local production and use of local ingredients and also identifies future focus areas for FMCG organizations.

Price: $1,950 (Single User License)
Published: July -16
Publisher: Canadean
Report Format: electronic pdf

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