Global Urological Cancer Market to 2022

Strong Market Growth Expected, Driven by the Predicted Emergence of Targeted Therapies for Bladder Cancer and Increasing Prostate and Kidney Cancer Prevalence

Within urological cancers, there are a number of premium products that attract substantial and even blockbuster revenues. These are currently hormonal therapies for prostate cancer (such as Zytiga and Xtandi) and angiogenesis inhibitors for kidney cancer (such as Sutent, Votrient and Inlyta). However, not all treatments generate strong revenues: chemotherapies gravitate towards generating relatively low revenues as they have become heavily genericized, although this also makes them cost effective and heavily utilized. There is high generic penetration in urological cancer treatments – in bladder and testicular cancer in particular, generics are used both as monotherapies and in combination with premium or other generic drugs.


Urological cancer revenues will increase from $17.9 billion in 2015 to $35.9 billion in 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.39%. There is only one patent expiration due among the three blockbuster revenue-generating drugs of 2015 during the latter forecast period, while urological cancer prevalence will rise due to populations in developed countries becoming increasingly elderly and obese. Development and approval of immune checkpoint inhibitors will lower the associated toxicity of urological cancer therapies and increase their usage in typically poor-performance patients. Targeted treatment administration will increase patient’s overall survival and enable more rounds of chemotherapy to be given. It is predicted that two new urological cancer drugs for the treatment of bladder cancer will achieve blockbuster status by 2022.

Global Urological Cancer Market to 2022 – Strong Growth Driven by Rising Prevalence, Increased Uptake of Hormone Therapies and Approval of Novel Biologics

GBI Research report code: GBIHC412MR
Single user price: $4,995

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