Glioblastoma Multiforme – Cancer Immunotherapies Dominate First-in-Class Product Innovation

Glioblastoma, a particularly aggressive form of brain tumor, has a promising treatment pipeline, with 120 first-in-class programs acting on 86 first-in-class molecular targets. The glioblastoma therapy pipeline, includes 512 products active across all stages of development, is moderately sized but highly innovative. Potential factors driving the pipeline include vast unmet need, a growing patient pool if disease prognosis can be improved, a lack of approved options in the market landscape, and a recently improved understanding of the disease pathophysiology, facilitating the development of novel compounds.

Pipeline innovation has far-reaching strategic implications for all market participants as, despite the high attrition rate in glioblastoma, it is very likely that many of the numerous first-in-class products, a number of which are supported by promising preclinical data, will reach the market over the coming decade, potentially transforming the clinical and commercial landscape.

There are many signaling pathways and cellular processes in glioblastoma that remain untargeted by the limited number of associated marketed products. While growth factor signaling, such as by vascular endothelial growth factor, is inhibited in current glioblastoma treatments, evidence is mounting for the importance of other parallel mechanisms, such as cancer stem cell growth, and extracellular matrix remodeling.

GBI Research’s latest report  Frontier Pharma: Glioblastoma Multiforme – Cancer Immunotherapies Dominate First-in-Class Product Innovation  analyzes innovation in GBM, in the context of the overall pipeline and current market landscape. In addition, it analyzes the deals landscape surrounding first-in-class products, and pinpoints opportunities for in-licensing. The report also provides a comprehensive review of the pipeline for first-in-class therapies, analyzed on the basis of stage of development, molecule type and molecular target.

Price: $6,995 (Single User License)
Published: Sept -16
Publisher: GBI Research
Report Format: electronic pdf

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