Consumer and Innovation Trends in Beer 2016

Sensory & Indulgence is the strongest mega-trend reinvigorating the global beer market
Willingness to try new products and experiment with flavors and beer styles make Sensory & Indulgence trend a key mega-trend shaping the global beer category. Comfort & Uncertainty is also of high relevance, as economic instability drives consumers to the familiar and trusted. Health & Wellness is another prominent trend, where increased health-consciousness and consumption awareness impact beer drinkers’ choice process.


Both Individualism & Expression and Smart & Connected further influence the beer category
Other mega-trends also influence global beer consumers and create current and future opportunities to innovate. One notable trend is the Individualism & Expression mega-trend. Traditionalism as a marketing mantra does not  apply to younger generations, who want tailored choices aligning with personal identity and image, often following advice from their peers rather than experts or other “authorities.”

In today’s digitized society, the online space is creating new avenues for improving product visibility and creating a dialogue with consumers such as through social media platforms. Therefore it will be also important for brands to consider and harness the Smart & Connected mega-trend.

Canadean’s latest report Consumer and Innovation Trends in Beer 2016 seeks to explore the key trends that are being shaped by the changing consumer behaviors and needs in the global beer products space.

  • TRENDS: Understand the key consumer and innovation trends impacting the global market and analyze the key implications across packaging, formulation, and positioning.
  • CONSUMER INSIGHT: Data analyzed from Canadean’s consumer surveys delivers a clear picture of the global consumer in relation to the beer category.

INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation and recommendations for brands operating in the market.

Report Information:
$1,450 (Single User License)
Published: Sept 2016
Publisher: Canadean
Report Format: electronic pdf

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