Strategic Trends in Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding for Healthcare

For PE firms and VC companies, capital commitments, also referred to as fundraising, are crucial to their business models; which require significant funds to be able to fund companies and provide mezzanine capital (a hybrid of debt and equity financing that is typically utilized to finance the expansion of operations of already established companies), and for PE firms to engage in buyouts. It is therefore important that these companies are able to raise adequate levels of capital from outside investors, to enable them to invest in emerging companies in various sectors of the economy.


The accumulating evidence of the decline in R&D productivity adds to the uncertainty associated with innovation in the healthcare industry, which in turn reduces the attractiveness of the field for investment. If investments from private equity and venture capital (VC) firms in the healthcare industry continue to decrease significantly, it could have serious and wide-ranging consequences not just in the healthcare sector, but in wider economies.

CBR Pharma Insight’s latest report Strategic Trends in Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding for Healthcare provides a comprehensive analysis on emerging investment trends within the healthcare industry. The report also includes forecasts for the outlook for PE and VC firms investing in the healthcare sector. VC investment in early-stage healthcare companies continues to decline, and has almost completely disappeared in certain countries.

Report Information
Price: $2,995 (Single User License)
Published: Nov – 2016
Publisher: CBR Pharma
Report Format: electronic pdf

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