Telco digital transformation: Lessons from the world’s most powerful digital companies


The world’s top companies have capitalized on the digital revenue opportunity by disrupting the status quo and focusing on the user. Telecom operators can win by revitalizing their operational, innovation and revenue models.

The digital ecosystem is being shaped by advances in broadband and cloud computing technology, coupled with the rising influence of mobility and a new kind of customer empowerment. Cloud computing technology is driving business digitalization by enabling faster service creation and delivery. Advances in big data are empowering players to make real-time decisions about products, pricing and operations. Globally, mobile continues to generate growth and innovation, with video being the main driver of data consumption. The Internet has driven consumers to embrace a culture of empowerment where mobile is first, always-on is expected and collective content exchange is the new universal social currency.

Digital powerhouses have changed the paradigms for services delivery and consumption

Global leaders Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple have sparked a shift in the value of technology, from provision to enablement. The irreversible value shift stems from their ability to leverage the power of digital computing to invent new and better ways of doing things. These companies recognize that technologies that empower ecosystem participants to play a central role in their own destiny stand to provide the most value for their business in the long-term. Technology, thus becomes a vehicle, and the focus becomes engaging users in innovative collaboration to monetize investments. The rise of Google, for example, is the result of its remarkable customer understanding, robust advertising-funded business model and open technology platforms that enable ecosystem players to co-create success. The opportunities and threats posed by the rise of digital companies like Google are impacting telecom companies across the board.

The explosive growth in the consumption of digital services poses excellent opportunities for telecom operators

The digital technology has unleashed a wide range of opportunities in media, content, applications and storage. Telcos are faced with the need to come up with strategies to transform and unleash the new growth engines. Owing to the complexity of their core business, telco digital transformation is an intricate process that entails major changes in three areas: making the internal organization agile and efficient, driving constant innovation and unleashing new revenue streams. While the respective strategic focus areas may differ, the companies examined are making progress in all three areas. Customer-focus and speed-to-market in executing these strategies will be key success factors.

Telco digital transformation: Lessons from the world’s most powerful digital companies

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Published: Jan 2017
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