H1 2017 Global Length and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Oil and Gas Pipelines – Surge in New Pipeline Announcements


Surge in New Pipeline Announcements

Total length of key global oil and gas transmission pipelines is expected to increase registering a total growth of 11% by 2021. Around 30 new natural gas pipelines were announced when compared with the previous report published in December 2016. Among these, African Renaissance Project (2,600 km), Eastern Siberia–Western Siberia (2,000 km), and EUGAL (864 km) are the major gas pipelines.
Largest planned pipeline projects in the world in terms of length by 2021 are the Energy East oil pipeline (4,500 km) from Canada, followed by TurkStream (Russia–Turkey Section) gas pipeline (3,780 km) and Power of Siberia (Russia Section-I) gas pipeline (3,200 km), both from Russia.
Global Oil

North America leads globally both in terms of the pipeline length additions and capital expenditure (capex) being spent over the next four years. The region is expected to witness construction of 59,962 km of transmission pipeline length and a capex spending of US$153 billion by 2021. Among countries, the US, India, Russia, Canada, and Iran will have almost 54% of the transmission pipeline length proposed to be built globally by 2021 with an overall increase in the length to 110,748 km. They also have the most planned capex by 2021. A total US$291 billion is estimated to be spent among the five countries on the planned pipelines.

Global Oil and Gas Pipelines – Surge in New Pipeline Announcements

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