Key Trends in Alcoholic Beverages

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In this report our analysts have examined the alcoholic beverages industry looking for the key trends and major changes in the industry occurring in 2018.

MarketLine analyst, Chris Bertenshaw comments:

“The impact of new consumer health concerns about alcohol and the rise of the new premium craft industry cannot be understated and these trends are spawning new industry segments with opportunities for growth.”

The beer and spirits industries are changing as craft products sweep through the market place and there are lessons to be learned as big beer acquires new products for its portfolio. In the wine industry, some serious environmental changes are beginning to impact yields, leaving some major challenges for the industry going forward as it looks for new growing locations and products. A drop off in alcohol consumption is also playing a part as consumers become concerned about consumption levels and health.

In this report we examine four key alcohol industries, beer, spirits, wine and alcohol-free beverages to identify the risks and potential opportunities available in the alcohol industry today.

Why should you buy this report?

Examine the major trends in the alcoholic beverages industry and what companies are doing to exploit them.
See why big beer players are getting increasingly involved in the craft beer industry.
Learn about the concerning new threats in the wine industry and what can be done to counter them.
Understand the rise of alcohol-free beverages and what opportunities are available to innovative players.
Examine the development of the craft spirit industry.


Key Trends in Alcoholic Beverages: Powerful changes shaping the wine, beer, spirits and alcohol-free beverages industry

Report Information:
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Published: 2018
Report Format: electronic pdf

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