Global Naval Vessel Engines Market 2018-2028


Global Naval Warfare has witnessed a paradigm shift, and there is an increasing trend towards the decentralization of naval attacks, whereby capabilities are distributed around smaller vessels in addition to larger platforms such as aircraft carriers and destroyers so as to make them more secure against an enemy attack. Moreover, providing humanitarian relief, emergency medical care, and combating smuggling, piracy, and terrorism, has resulted in the continuous evolution of the role of naval vessels and surface combatants.

Global Naval Vessel Engines Market is anticipated to be driven by a consistent increase in the global naval vessel fleet, internal and external security threats, technological innovations, joint ventures and strategic alliances and modernization initiatives undertaken by naval forces worldwide.


Deepti Aggarwal, Senior Defense Analyst at GlobalData comments:

“With rapid advances in procurement of naval warships, countries worldwide are developing newer technologically sound marine propulsion systems. Few technological innovations explored in recent times include the development of silent engines to complement stealth capabilities, production of environment friendly biofuels for marine engines and the adoption of nuclear and hybrid electric propulsion systems among others. The US is anticipated to take a lead in the development of naval nuclear propulsion systems while China and Russia are engaged in design and development of advanced Molten salt reactor thorium reactor program.”


Global Naval Vessel Engines Market 2018-2028

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Published: October 2018
Publisher: GlobalData
Report Format: electronic pdf


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