Biopower Market: Global Market Analysis to 2030


Europe has been the region with the largest biopower capacity for a long time. Early development of technology and large mechanized farms generating predictable feedstock supplies, have kept Europe in this position. Asia-Pacific, however, had a significant increase in installed capacity during 2011-2018.

By 2019, Asia-Pacific is expected to exceed in Europe in terms of capacity and become the largest biopower region as more Asian countries add capacities and European capacity stagnates at its already high levels.


Report Coverage:

  • Market study at a global level and for twelve countries including: the US, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Thailand, Republic of Korea, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland and the UK.
  • Coverage of the key growth drivers and challenges related to each country’s biopower market, and the market’s influence on the environment and the country’s economy.
  • Historic (2006-2018) and forecast data (2019-2030) for cumulative and annual installed biopower capacity.
  • Average capital cost and market size for the 2010-2017 period, and forecast for the 2019-30 period.
  • Feedstock availability and potential; cumulative capacity segmentation by feedstock type; and a list of major operational biopower plants for each of the twelve key countries.
  • Market drivers and restraints for each of the twelve key countries.


Use this report to facilitate decision making by analyzing market data on the biopower sector. Develop strategies based on developments in the market and identify key business-development avenues, based on an understanding of the trends in the market. 


Biopower Market: Global Market Analysis to 2030

Report Information:
Publisher: GlobalData
Report Format: electronic pdf

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