HerpV and GEN-003 will Drive Genital Herpes Treatment Market Growth to 2023

The global market value for genital herpes therapeutics will increase to just under $668 million by 2023, largely driven by the introduction of therapeutic vaccines, HerpV and GEN-003. While generic antivirals have been present in the GH therapeutic marketplace for several years, the overall impact of generic erosion is still expected to be substantial across the seven major markets. The low price of generic drugs will not only limit the sales of existing treatments, but also pose as an entry barrier for new therapies. The patient share of marketed antiviral drugs is expected to further shift from branded to generic versions by 2023.


GlobalData’s OpportunityAnalyzer: Genital Herpes – Opportunity Analysis and Forecasts to 2023 report provides analysis of the genital herpes therapeutics space, including annualised market revenue data from 2013 and forecasts to 2023 across the seven major countries, including strategic competitor assessment, market characterisation, unmet needs, research and development strategies, and clinical trial design.

Key questions answered in this report:

  • Will the leading pipeline agents fulfil the major unmet needs in the GH marketplace during 2013–2023?
  • What research and development strategies will companies leverage to compete in the future GH marketplace?
  • Which patient populations are most likely to be targeted for GHspecific product development?
  • What clinical and commercial factors are likely to influence GH uptake in the US, 5EU and Japan?

GEN-003 has shown more convincing efficacy data than HerpV; however, key opinion leaders expressed their doubts about GEN-003. Find out more!